Cancellation/Return Policy

Cancellation Policy: Cancelled orders are orders that have been placed by the Buyer that have not yet been delivered. A restocking fee of 10% will be assessed at the time of the issuance of a credit.

Return Policy: Returned orders are any order that has been delivered and then returned or declined by the Buyer. The restocking fee is 10% of the sales amount. Returned purchases are only accepted within two (2) months of the purchase date and if the wine is a current vintage still stocked by Xavier Wine Company. If wine is returned without a receipt, we will only honor the lowest price the item has sold for in the last 6 months and will only issue an in-house credit on the Buyer’s Account valid for one (1) year.

Special Orders: Xavier Wine Company reserves the right not to accept any special orders for credit, including special size requests for pre-arrivals or futures.

Credit Card Limits: Purchases by Credit Cards may not exceed $10,000 for wines and in the event of purchases for Bordeaux Futures, the limit is $10,000. Remaining balances can be paid by check or wire transfer. Contact our Wine Consultants for Bank wire instructions.

*Xavier Wine Company, in its own discretion, reserves the right, for whatever reason, to refuse to cancel an order or to accept a return.