Who We Are

Being a good wine merchant is about providing the best quality possible at all levels, be that hidden gems or grand châteaux. It is about integrity, treating our customers in an honest and fair manner. It is about authority, presenting knowledgeable and respected opinions. And, vitally, it is about providing an unsurpassed level of customer service.

At Xavier Wine Company, we believe that being a good wine merchant is about providing you with the ultimate fine wine experience – whether you are interested in receiving regular cases of wine for drinking now, advice on wines to lay down, or wish to attend a tasting event of rosé wines or First Growth Clarets.

Xavier Wine Company offers hand-selected wines and artisanal spirits by a knowledgeable and friendly staff, creating an interactive and educational atmosphere for its clientele. We focus on natural wines from sustainable, organic, or biodynamic growers. Xavier Wine Company’s goal is to educate and expand our clients’ understanding of what goes into creating renowned wines.